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Number Matching Tutorial

I have been actively creating some fun learning games for my 3 year old to play with, while her brother and I work on lessons. Normally she joins us on learning whatever we are learning on some level however, there are some things such as long multiplication that a three-year-old is simply not going to be able to do. For these lessons I bring out “The Preschool Bucket”. In this bucket are many choices of letter/word games as well as number/counting games that she can do on her own. Below I am showing you our Number Matching game and a tutorial on how to do it!

Number Matching Tutorial


1. You will need a few supplies. I have red felt, a piece of scrapbook cardstock paper, a permanent marker, and a small glass cup for measurement. I’d say the cup makes my circles about 3-3.5″ in diameter.


2. Take the glass cup and trace circles in a bowling type pattern and number them. Take the glass cup and do the same on the felt. Add numbers on one side and the number word on the other side. Cut out your felt circles.


3. And that’s it! This is what it looks like when it is all finished! You can have your child match the numbers to numbers OR for an added challenge, you can have them match the number words to the numbers. For storage I simply throw the felt pieces in a baggie and clip it to the scrapbook paper with a clothespin and throw it in our Preschool Bucket!


4. My little preschooler playing!

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! I will be publishing several more easy preschool learning tutorials for you to make for your toddler/preschooler!