Spring Decor on a Budget!

Spring is in the air and as with any season, or holiday, my kids love to decorate accordingly. The problem is, all this decorating can get expensive! Also, quite honestly…I just don’t have the time to go to some crazy place like Home Goods or Pier 1 (plus ouch on the wallet!) and pick out something fancy. I have kids, three in fact, and I have limited time, money, and patience to deal with all that crazy. So I will let you in on a little secret…I am a party supply hoarder. It’s true. I hoard birthday supplies, unused balloons, used tissue paper, bags, the rest of the plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups no one touches from the end of the party. If I have to buy supplies for a birthday party, I always prepare for the max amount of people but we all know not that many guests actually end up coming, 9 times out of 10. So I save it all in a large (organized) tote that hangs out in my garage neatly on a shelf. What that means for me is when my daughter insists we FINALLY take down the winter wreath a few weeks ago and put something ‘pretty’ and ‘springy’ up…I needed a quick (and cheap) plan.

Enter my party supply tote. I have all sorts of fabric flowers in there from doing her Butterfly Garden themed 4th birthday party from over a year ago, a basket with foam in the bottom that I has used for fall that I don’t use anymore-the kind that is flat on one side, perfect for hanging on the front of my house, and some wire cutters from hubby’s workbench. I let her pick out a few bunches, many which were unused because when things are a dollar (hello Dollar Tree), we may get a little crazy with the craft supplies, and set to work cutting off the bottoms and letting the kids stick them in where ever they wanted in the basket until it was all filled up.



Mommy OCD may have kicked in a bit and when they weren’t looking…I just may have rearranged them just a bit. Or maybe just a tiny bit more than a little bit. 🙂


And there I had it! A free (or cheap) flower basket to hang on the front of my house after I finally took down the winter one. I now feel slightly less behind on everything else now that the front of my house officially shouts SPRING!




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