Netflix…For Homeschooling? Absolutely!

I am not one of those parents that sit my kids in front of the TV all day and let them be however, I am also not on the other extreme who doesn’t let their children have any TV time at all because I feel technology can be a useful educational tool. Besides entertainment, which is what most people use TV for, television can be useful especially with a little known service named Netflix. My oldest is almost 10, and he thoroughly enjoys learning about history from documentaries such as The Men Who Built America and science facts with shows like Planet Earth and Frozen Planet. They are great ways to have a textbook essentially come alive! My son was not a kid that particularly loved to read so for him, soaking up all the informational text in an animated way, was crucial to him learning as well as he does with Netflix. And at not quite $9 a month, it really is a steal!


Here is a list of our favorite titles that we have either already used or will be using for either or both my homeschoolers*:


Sid the Science Kid
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Planet Earth
The Blue Planet
Human Planet
Frozen Planet
Wildest Islands
Frozen Planet: an epic journey
Human Planet: behind the lens
Frozen Planet: on thin ice
Our Planet
Schoolhouse Rocks: Earth
Tesla: Master of Lightening
NOVA: Decoding Neanderthals
NOVA: Bigger than T. Rex
NOVA: Emperor’s Ghost Army
The Wildebeest Migration


The Roosevelts-An Intimate History
JFK: A President Betrayed
Last Days in Vietnam
Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story
NOVA: First Air War
NOVA: Rise of the Drones
NOVA: Ground Zero Supertower
First Man on the Moon
Henry Ford
Hitler and the Nazis
Ken Burns: Prohibition
Ken Burns: The West
The Pyramid Code
Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes

*Please note that some of these titles are not suited for a younger audience such as elementary school aged kids. Some documentaries are more suited for high schoolers. Please use your best parental judgement 🙂

So as you can see there is a ton of amazing resources right at your fingertips from something your family is already paying for and using! How we implement it is if there is a day we need to fill, or a super busy day with doctors appointments or anything else that comes up last minutes, I will simply find a video that correlates to what we are already learning and let them watch that as a nice supplement. For some reason if there isn’t one, then I give my child(ren) a choice of what they would like to watch to help encourage their love of history and science. Sometimes there is a subject that my son has been really eager to learn about in history, and we simply haven’t reached that unit yet. Why not let him dive right in!? That is the beauty of homeschool after all, you do not have to always go ‘in order’ for every subject. Besides, it’s fun to let them be excited about what they want to learn and be able to easily provide that for them.

So the next time you need a little something extra for history or science, go ahead and let them splurge with some educational screen time. And don’t forget to watch it too…they really are great movies!




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