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Happy Earth Day…from Poofy Organics!

ONE DAY ONLY - Earth Day 2016 Sale!
ONE DAY ONLY – Earth Day 2016 Sale!


In conjunction with writing about family things, I always like to have a natural-mindedness about it. I enjoy things that are toxin free, organic, and safe for our environment. Which is why I love Poofy Organics so much! You would not believe the ‘organic’ companies out there that are actually ‘greenwashers’ and not as safe as they claim. And I don’t just love this company because yes, (full disclosure) I sell their products…but I love them because of what they stand for. They are a small family owned business that is starting to make big headway because people are noticing what they are all about! Most of their products are Certified Organic, and the ones that aren’t..have every ingredient that is offered certified organic, in their ingredient list! In fact, they JUST passed their USDA Certification yet AGAIN!

We pass USDA Certification every year!
We pass USDA Certification every year!

The products truly speak for themselves because not only do they list ingredients for EVERY product but they have full transparency and are always more than happy to explain why they use or won’t use, certain ingredients. All of their products are gluten free, cruelty free, and even for their packing they use recyclable and biodegradable packaging.
We have SAFE cosmetics with a plethora of     options for you in foundation, concealer, lipstick, lipgloss, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and more!
A mascara that is actually TOXIN-FREE!
A mascara that is actually TOXIN-FREE!

I really cannot say enough amazing things about Poofy Organics, give them a try…their ONE DAY ONLY Earth Day Sale is going on RIGHT NOW!!

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